“The student team was highly professional, resourceful, prompt and insightful.  I would strongly recommend the use of the Wells Fargo Center for other small business owners.

The work product provided by your team was most helpful to promote the VITA services last year. With their help and set of recommendations, we managed to increase our scope of outreach by over 10 fold.  In 2015, the CSUN VITA CLINIC served 365 taxpayers.  Last year, we served over 3,600 taxpayers.

Thanks again for your help in getting us the help and guidance we needed.”

Rafi Efrat,
Professor of Accounting & InfoSys, CSUN
Northridge, Califronia, USA


“Having personally reviewed the final reports prepared by [the] students, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone involved with this project.  It was quite impressive! 

I do respect the lengthy involvement and personal efforts of [the] students.  As I have mentioned already in some past emails, having [the] students take on this project was well appreciated and I was quite curious to see their final findings vs. many of the same […] concerns that I already know to exist internally.

[…] I want to extend my gratitude personally to [Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship at CSUN] – also to your students for the many personal efforts required to produce these overviews – it has been most insightful!

We, (PACIFIC) will without a doubt, take these suggestions to heart as our company progresses forward into this new age of electronic global media.”

Warm Regards,

Marcus Schwarz
Executive Shareholder CEO
PACIFIC Entermark GmbH

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