Who we are…

the Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship. The center was created in ’76 and is the only business center endorsed by Wells Fargo.  It’s a non-profit that benefits local businesses in the San Fernando Valley area as well as CSUN university students.

The center operates within the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics at California State University, Northridge.

Its purpose is to offer business consulting services such as writing business plans, performing market research, or creating an advertising campaign.

What we do…

clients are matched with a professor and a team of business students to complete the consulting work.


Student-led business consultants furnish a report and a presentation to the client which provides meaningful solutions that create lasting improvements in the clients’s business.

Clients are amazed at the capabilities offered by the most talented business students in California.

Project objective …

  • Comprehensive recommendations summarized in a final presentation and a detailed report.
  • Fresh and independent analysis.
  • New ideas to grow the business.

Benefits to Businesses:

  • Custom strategies to address your particular business issues.
  • Comprehensive recommendations from top business students.
  • Fresh, independent perspectives and new ideas for your business.
  • Individualized research and analysis.
  • Assistance in developing a business plan or marketing plan.
  • Access to up-and-coming business professionals and potential customers.
  • A detailed report and a personal presentation.

Come see what the College of Business & Economics can do for your business…
Visit us at website: WFCSBE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Magnifying glass icon

• What are my business opportunities for growth?

• Where do I find more customers?

• How may I increase my sales?

• How can I improve my social media?

Let us help you.  Interested in becoming a client?  IT’S EASY!
Send us an E-mail to: wfcsbe@csun.edu  or submit an online consulting application to our site: SUBMIT APPLICATION.


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  2. Pingback: About | Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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