A collage of images from the CSUN Valley of the Performing Arts including a signed guitar, a signed poster by Leslie Odom Jr., and a large performance hall.The CSUN Valley of the Performing Arts Center (VPAC) has agreed to work with the Wells Fargo Center for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (WFSCSBE) this coming fall semester 2017.

This past week we met with Thor Steingraber, Executive Director of VPAC regarding working with CSUN‘s business students in order to create consultative projects for the benefit of VPAC.  It could not have been a better fit.  The VPAC is very pro-education and works with students on a regular basis.  (Again: thank you Thor!)

VPAC has a complex business which includes several business units.  Business units include performing arts/live events, a foundation, a rentals business, and more.  Top students from the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics will have the opportunity to work with a real business that juggles a diverse array of business objectives this coming fall.


Projects are designed by the business professors.  Often clients receive a full business plan, a strategic plan, a feasibility study, an integrated marketing campaign, or at times a project based on marketing objectives.  In the case of the VPAC we discussed a potential data analysis project regarding marketing metrics, a business plan directed specifically at one of the business units, as well as a particular marketing project.

This fall’s lineup is looking exciting!

To apply for consulting from the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics students please fill out an online application.

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