Northridge Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

CSUN Director Franck Vigneron meets with Northridge Chamber of Commerce regarding Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and EntrepreneurshipProfessor Franck Vigneron, Director of Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (WFCSBE), presented our services to the Northridge Chamber of Commerce January 10, 2017.

Our Mission:Northridge Chamber of Commerce flyer photo of Franck Vigneron from CSUN.

To encourage student success at California State University, Northridge and to give back to the valley residents.  Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship matches local businesses with professors and student groups.  The students act as consultants in order to reinforce concepts learned at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.  The local businesses receive consulting services such as integrated marketing campaign development, brand strategies, business plan writing services, and more.


Students get a taste of what it’s like to be a consultant and work with a real client.  The experience teaches them business communication, networking, strategy, negotiation, time management, and gives them real world experience.

Local businesses get a fresh take on their challenges by up-and-coming professionals. Often businesses receive a full business plan, potentially valued from $40,000 – $100,000 depending on the business.

The experience is collaborative and creates lasting improvements for the local client and gives opportunities to students that are not available in the classroom alone.

Sign-up To Become A Client:

To become a client fill out the online application.  You may refer a deserving business too!

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Author:Robin Yerian.  Robin studies Marketing and Business Administration at California State University, Northridge.  She has received an honorable mention for her secondary research regarding the millennial generation in association with the national American Marketing Association case competition for eBay in which she provided consumer insights.  Robin is the student assistant responsible for managing client relationships, communications, and social media for the Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship at CSUN.


2 thoughts on “Northridge Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  1. Say thanks a lot for your energy to have had these things together on this web site. Mary and that i very much appreciated your knowledge through your articles in certain things. I am aware that you have many demands on your own program so the fact that you took as much time like you did to steer people like us by means of this article is actually highly valued.


    • Thank you. I hope we may connect with more businesses at the Northridge Chamber of Commerce. We are always looking for more clients, so if your business needs help, please apply.


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