Simple Tools to Help Your Content Marketing in 2017

Reaching  Your 2017 Target:

Did you set a goal for 2017?  If so, here are some insights from WFCSBE and Thomas Smale at Entrepreneur to help you achieve them.

The selected content marketing tools below offer the ability to help you get your message out, engage your brand’s community, see what’s working and what’s not, and provide relevant content to help communicate your brand’s message.

Content Marketing Tools: content marketing principles written on chalkboard. Content, SEO, social media, website blog, relationships, equals online marketing. #WFCSBE

  1. Buffer allows you to schedule your social media content and link various profiles to one central hub.  From there you can edit content as well as customize your message, post to various platforms, and understand what times are best for each platform.  The last tip is helpful in creating more engagement and increasing the eyeballs on your post.  Plus, Buffer offers analytics resources so you can analyze what’s working.
  2. Almighty.Press offers a host of helpful services.  Most importantly it allows you to pool trending content on the web in own place based on your entries into their content discovery tool.  Who doesn’t want to increase productivity by reducing search time?  Publishing trending content in a timely manner just became easier.
  3. SumoMe provides list building tools along with exit tools that help increase engagement when visitors are about to leave your site.  Large scrolling pop-ups offer subscriptions, discounts, or other messages to help engage consumers.  The tool encourages opt-ins and increases conversation rates.
  4. Ninja Outreach is the coolest of the tools summarized and although we have not used this, it sounds very promising!  Ninja Outreach helps you identify influencers (people who have clout and a large following) in order to get your message in front of the right people.  This is huge!  Ever heard of the 80/20 rule in marketing?  It states that 80% of your revenue is made by 20% of your customers (the VIP’s to your business).  Identifying online VIP’s of interest to your specific business and your customers just got a little easier!  You also get social and S.E.O. insights.
  5. SendGrid helps businesses with email deliverability solutions.  It integrates with most all websites and offers the ability to funnel emails in order to A/B test them.  (A/B testing means that you can have different versions of nearly the same email in order to test engagement on each.  A/B testing improves the likelihood of opening, opt-ins and engagement.)  Based on the number of emails you want to send per month and the number of contacts, your price is determined.  The pricing plans we viewed seemed very affordable.
  6. PushWoosh is a tool that offers mobile, desktop and app notifications.   It notifies your customer through their web browser or phone and allows you marketing features outside of social media.  Plus it offers some really specific segmentation features that allow you to drill down to the results you want from your targeting.  Smale’s example … Want a Spanish speaking customer made a purchase last year?  Want to target customers who recently spent more than $1,000?  Try this resource.

How to put them together to maximize your reach and (ROMI)?

One the of the best insights from Smale’s post is about how you can put these tools together to really rock your content marketing.

You can ID content with trending potential using Almight.Press and queue it for release based on timing features available with Buffer.  Once customers visit your site you can use SumoMe to increase opt-in possibilities.

You can use SendGrid and PushWoosh to keep your followers updated with the latest content.  Lastly, Ninja Outreach can be used to help establish influencers so that you can get your content in front of the right people to help spread the word.

Source: Entrepreneur

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Author:Robin Yerian.  Robin studies Marketing and Business Administration at California State University, Northridge.  She has received an honorable mention for her secondary research regarding the millennial generation in association with the national American Marketing Association case competition for eBay in which she provided consumer insights.  Robin is the student assistant responsible for managing client relationships, communications, and social media for the Wells Fargo Center for Small Business & Entrepreneurship at CSUN.


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