Brands Need to Create Visual, Digital Media Such As Videos

Spacesheep Projects

Spacesheep Projects

The future of branding will be in the visual and virtual world in order to build momentum. The goal is to get people to see the work and join in day-to-day activities. This kind of ‘voyeur marketing’ is based on the appeal of collaboration and relationship authenticity.

Universities are now offering Master’s programs dedicated to the education of future media managers with virtual communication such as KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden:

“The main objective of the Media Management programme is to provide students with the skills required for managing innovative media companies. The programme equips you for managing positions, business developing, entrepreneurship skills, preparing you for advanced industrial positions, or continued graduate studies.”

Brands need to manage their Creative, production and post-production departments as such:

  • Creative:  Identity the voice. Evaluation and conceptualization to realize your video content projects.
  • Production:  Writing and preparation of the shooting and music recording and editing. Reviewing technical, human and even financial aspects.
  • Post-Production:  Formatting, posting, communicating, and cross-marketing the visual contents with media.

Large communication firms and more intimate companies such as Spacesheep provide consulting for these services.

Sources: KTH, Spacesheep

Author: Franck Vigneron. Franck is a professor of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Music Industry Administration at California State University, Northridge.


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