John Caudwell is a billionaire philanthropist from the UK who made his fortune through building and selling one of the world’s most successful privately-owned mobile telecoms businesses.

John Caudwell explains in his video in a few minutes the main features required to achieve a successful financial venture.

Two main ways:
A. Come up with a very unique original idea that is a proposition that is disrupting the market and shifting demand. It is very rare and most unlikely way to become successful.

B. Consistent hard effort over a long period of time: but you need 6 chararistics:
1. Ambition: see your aim and push for it.
2. Drive: to bring ambition to fruition.
3. Passion: to be continuously interested.
4. Resilience: to hold it together and cope with the stress, because the Drive and Ambition will put a lot of stress on your life, both physical and mental stress.
5. Commercial Intellect: rare talent that allows you tip the balance in your favor on every commercial decision that you make.
6. Leadership: necessary to gain large scale wealth. The ability to drive people to greater and bigger things to support you and enable you to make that wealth you seek.

Source: John Caudwell on Youtube Channel


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